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Brown’s Gas Oxyhydro generator
For Brazing and welding


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Small 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 L/hr Brown’s Gas HHO generators are commonly used with diesel electrical generators, for metal cutting and for engine carbon cleaning.

Specifications for 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000 L/hr Brown’s Gas HHO generators: 

Video 1,500 L/hr in quality control:

1000 L/hr
1500 L/hr
2000 L/hr

Large 5,000, 7,000,  10,000 and 20,000 L/hr Brown’s Gas HHO generators are used with industrial boilers.

Video of large Brown’s Gas HHO machine with 6 TPH Coal Boiler:

5000 L/hr
7000 L/hr
10000 L/hr
20000 L/hr

Brown’s Gas HHO industrial applications

Brown’s Gas HHO generators work in a wide range of applications. Thanks to fuel flexibility, our machines can be installed with any type of boiler due to the universal use of air intakes that make boiler combustion possible for all types of fuel. The multi-fuel operation capability offers new fuel saving opportunities for biomass, coal, oil and natural gas boilers. Our machines are typically installed as auxiliary boiler room equipment as a generating set next to existing machinery. The machines connect to the existing power supply. Typical installations are single or three phase power. The compact and light machines fit perfectly for smaller 1 to 10TPH steam boilers using 1,000 to 10,000 L/hr machines. For large boilers multiple 10,000 and 20,000 L/hr machines can be connected in series for an unlimited range of gas output.

Application of Brown’s Gas HHO

One of the main features of the proven Brown’s Gas HHO technology is that a boiler can be switched from fossil to dual fossil fuel – Brown’s Gas HHO operation or vice-versa. Transfer takes place automatically after the operator’s command without operational interruption. Furthermore, the separate fossil fuel system makes it possible to switch over from Brown’s Gas without combustion stoppage. The fuel switch from coal, biomass, oil to dual Brown’s Gas HHO operation mode can be made as described above. This operation flexibility is a real advantage with the system. The Brown’s Gas HHO is supplied to the boiler through the existing air intake unit, where the gas production is digitally set and controlled by the machine. The system includes standard anti-flashback devices and shut off valves to ensure safe and trouble-free operation. On the air intake, the gas is supplied through a flangemounting inserted in the air intake blower or burner bodyand has an individual feed pipe from the gas generator to the air intake. . Brown’s Gas to Air ratio for biomass, coal, and oil combustion is 5 cubic meters Brown’s Gas to 10000 cubic meters’ air and for petroleum gas 3 cubic meters Brown’s Gas to 10000 cubic meters’ air. The advanced automation system provides complete boiler safety system and local monitoring. Thanks to built-in complete automation integration, the machine and digitized Control system has a small footprint saving space.

Environmental Friendliness Brown’s Gas HHO combustion tech brings outstanding benefits to boiler owners.

 Brown’s Gas HHO applications destroy smoke and soot.

Brown’s Gas HHO applications reduce Sox, CO2, and unburnt hydrocarbon (HC) emissions

Brown’s Gas applications reduce fuel costs