Brown’s Gas HHO Generators

About Brown’s Gas HHO Generators

Brown’s Gas Oxyhydro generator

Brown’s Gas HHO generators produce a combustible gas from water using an electrolyte(KOHsalt)and electricity.  Brown’s Gas HHO is in the exact ratio of two parts hydrogen to one-part oxygen that is generated from water by passing an electric current through it.

Brown’s Gas HHO is an ecologically pure, zero emissions, economically efficient source of combustion energy produced from water.Brown’s Gas HHO burns in its own mantle (cocoon) of oxygen and is not dependent on air or the atmosphere to burn. Brown’s Gas HHO characteristic is that it has an interactive heat effect and reaches a temperature depending on the object being treated. In its native state the human hand can pass through the Brown’s Gas flame, and yet it will sublimate tungsten at a temperature of 6,000oC.  Whereas fossil fuels burn at a fixed temperature.

About Spectrum International Consultants

SPECTRUM IS THE FIRST COMPANY IN INDIA to bring Brown’s Gas technology from YBG Group International Pty Ltd (  Brown’s Gas HHO is a mature and proven technology discovered in 1976 by Research Professor Yull Brown.   It has many installed industrial applications, for example reducing costs and emissions in industrial boilers and diesel electric generators.  Brown’s Gas HHO is the cheapest powerful clean energy technology on Earth. 

Our Brown’s Gas HHO Electrolyzers are the most efficient electrolyzers of water in the world using only 3 kWh of electricity per 1,000 liters of combustible gas produced. The gas production capability of our machines is unlimited running from thousands into millions of liters per day.